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HarWester releases new sites all the time.
For more information on our different news providers keep on reading.

PC Games99

The gaming industry is fast paced. With our recent gaming site addition you can finally keep up. Don't miss out!

PS 2 Extremes

Playstation to the extremes! All the console related gaming news a true playstation head ever will need. Search the extensive archive for news and reviews on your favourite game.

Sailing News

Providing the sailing man with updates on current events and general sailing news. The breeze never dies here. In co-operation with Yachts transport


Pro golfer, amateur, just an intrested onlooker? Look no more, we've got all golfnews collected in one spot - just for you.

Medical Buzz

Are you into health and medical news? We took a long good look at what was available out there and found that nobody offered a ad-free, fast and clean news-agent for this topic. We give you: Medical Buzz.


Are you a gamer? Chances are good you own a Xbox. If that's soo, Xbox99 is the site for you. Syndicating leading news from all xbox-sites around the world into one kickass site, Xbox99.

Paintball Headlines

PBheadlines is one of our most appreciated sites. It delivers paintball news from a broad selection of high quality sites to paintball fanatics daily!