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Every hour, every day, all the time.

News affect us constantly. They are both the mirror of the present and the building blocks of the future.

HarWester is a consumer oriented corporation. Our goals encorporate a vision of being a global news provider. We find news based on fields of interest, genres, branches, businesses, markets and then we break them down into defined news areas.
 We select the finest news sources from these areas and build an index containing the information you want.

Double the relevance

We are analysist, marketers and scientists. We know what we want to offer our advertisers. We want spot-on relevance leading to high percentage leads. That's it.

We achieve this by using double relevance. The first relevance is our general news areas. But by only advertising for a specific area of interest you only achieve what our competitors can offer. We can give you more.
 Our database can deliver relevance down to specific news articles and even sections of news articles. If you want to sell football shoes why only target a football audience when you can target a football shoe buying audience.

Double the relevance, multiple the benefit.

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Our content on your pages

We're glad to give away our information, you can use all our content on your webpages for free. On every one of our pages you can find RSS-feeds and even javascript-exports of all material. It is a great way to increase your readers interest to always have up to date headlines.

More information

You can now get more hands-on information regarding the sites of our network by using the link "our content network" available in the menu.

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